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by zreed at 11:06 PM
(2,025 Views / 8 Likes)
The servers have been running 1.10 (now 1.10.2) for a while and with the new map having finished generating last night it seemed like a good time to also go over the server's plans for rolling it out.

Pending any delays with the new spawn, the new map will go live on July 1st to coincide with DF's third rebirthday. However, there'll be a few differences from past map changes.

The largest difference will be a reset of the economy, ranks, & stats. If you purchased digits (when they were available for purchase) you will start out with that amount. If you purchased any ranks, you will start at the highest rank purchased. Prestige will carry over. Any items you wish to move must be in your inventory, backpack, or enderchest at the time of the map change. Towns will have a yet to be determined amount of time to claim a new town center.

Changes being implemented along with the map change:
  • The shoutbox will be removed.
  • Additional (as yet to be...

Announcement New 1.10 Map

by Nich at 7:33 PM
(1,219 Views / 6 Likes)
Thats right, there will be a new map for the 1.10 update! It is currently being generated, I will update the post when it is fully generated. Be prepared for the fun ahead with the new map!

by zreed at 2:30 PM
(1,983 Views / 4 Likes)
The server now supports 1.10 clients. There aren't any new features implemented yet though. I'll update this post as things progress.

EDIT: Currently updating some plugins on survival to 1.10, server will be back up once I'm done. 1.10 related plans to follow thereafter.

- zreed
by zreed at 12:59 AM
(1,815 Views / 1 Likes)
Compass Jump is now usable via /compassjump or /cj (for those that are able to use the command). I blame WorldEdit, it does its commands in an unfriendly manner. Jumping using a compass works the same.

- zreed
by ArcticNebula at 11:29 PM
(873 Views / 2 Likes)
Hey all!

Last week I had an event poll, and most of you picked Hardcore Skywars as the event you wanted to do! So it will be this month's event! If you're interested and want to sign up, be sure to read the rules as this event will is entirely custom and isn't automatically run by a plugin.

The event will be on June 11th @ 7:00 CDT/8:00 EDT. Signing up will be open until June 11th at 5:00 CDT/6:00 EDT. The time of the event may be subject to change; if I change the time for some reason, it'll be at the top of the thread & in a reply.

  • One day (or round) consists of approximately 5 minutes of day, and approximately 5 minutes of night.
  • You will spawn on a platform of all wool colors, dirt, stone, wood, and a different mineral each day.
    • The unique minerals each platform has per day:
      • Day 1 will start with the normal blocks on the platform.
      • Day 2 will include coal.
      • Day 3 will include iron....
by ArcticNebula at 9:52 PM
(535 Views / 1 Likes)
Last month's vote leaders were:
  1. @Gimbleone - 165
  2. @Jenntle - 165
  3. @kjcaron3 - 85
  4. @Naveen_luxe - 47
  5. @MoonRider - 46
The prize pool is as follows (choose one):
  • 500k digits
  • Infinite durability armor piece/tool/weapon with 1 enchantment (1 available)
    • More enchantments may be added via the enchant shop.
  • Origin game
    • Battlefield 3
    • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
    • Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
    • Dead Space
    • Dead Space 3
    • Medal of Honor
    • Mirror's Edge
    • The Sims 3
  • Steam game
    • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
    • Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
    • Dead Space
    • Medal of Honor
    • Mirror's Edge
    • ORION: Dino Horde
    • Torchlight II
    • Bundle: Supreme Commander & SC: Forged Alliance, The Guild...