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Basic Commands

Dec 22, 2015
Basic Commands
  • Basic Commands: All Servers
    • /g | /global - Puts you in global chat.
    • /s | /server - Puts you in server chat. Only people on that server (main, skyblock, etc.) can see your message then.
    • /msg [player] [message] | /pm [player] [message] - Privately messages the selected player. Doing /msg [player] | /pm [player] allows you to chat with them without having to use the command.
    • /r [player] [messages] - Replies to the player you are chatting with.
    • /servers - Views a list of all the servers.
    • /list - Views online players on the server you are currently on.
    • /glist - Views all players on all servers.

    Basic Commands: Main
    • /rspawn - Teleports you to a random area on the map.
    • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
    • /backpack - Accesses your backpack, which is an extended inventory. Use with caution or not at all, your backpack can bug out after a server restart.
    • /tpa [player] - Requests a player that you teleport to them.
    • /tpahere [player] - Requests a player that they teleport to you.
    • /money | /bal | /balance - Checks your balance.
    • /sell hand - Sells all quantities of the item you are holding in your hand.
    • /sell all - Sells everything in your inventory.
    • /sell [item] [quantity] - Sells a certain amount of a certain item.
    • /worth - Shows how much an item is worth on the market and on the server.
    • /market - Brings up the market
      • /market search [item | item ID] - Searches for a certain item on the market.
      • /market create [price] [quantity] - Puts the item you're holding in your hand on the market.
      • /market mail - Brings up your market mail.
    • /mcstats - Checks your mcMMO stats.
    • /rankup - Ranks you up or shows you the requirements for the next rank if you do not meet the requirements.
    • /hunt - Shows your distance from the nearest treasure chest.
    • /sethome [name] - Sets a home.
    • /home [name] - Teleports you to a home you set.
    • /delhome [name] - Deletes a home you set.
    • /stats - Views your basic server stats. You can also view that here.
    • /t [town] - Gives you basic information of a town.
    • /n [nation] - Gives you basic information of a nation.
    • /t deposit | /n deposit - Deposits money into a town or nation bank, respectively.

    Basic Commands: MobArena

    • /ma join [arena] - Joins an open arena.
    • /ma leave - Leaves the arena if you are playing or spectating.
    • /ma spec [arena] - Allows you to spectate an ongoing MA game.
    • /ma arenas - Lists all available arenas.
    • /ma players [arena] - Lists all players in an ongoing game.

    Basic Commands: Skyblock

    • /island - Teleports you to your island or starts a new one if you don't have one.
    • /island level - Checks your island's level.
    • /island restart - Restarts your island and challenges.
    • /island invite [player] - Invites a player to your island.
    • /island accept - Accepts an invitation.
    • /island rejects - Denies an invitation.
    • /island lock - Locks your island so anybody who isn't a member cannot enter.
    • /island warp - Warps you to a public island.
    • /c - View challenges.
    • /c [name] - View challenge information.
    • /c complete [name] - Completes a challenge.

    Basic Commands: Creative

    • /plot claim - Claims an open plot.
    • /plot unclaim - Unclaims your plot.
    • /plot home - Teleports you to your plot.
    • /plot delete - Clears your plot.
    • /plot helpers [add|remove] [player] - Adds or removes a player to your plot as a "helper."
    • /plot trusted [add|remove] [player] - Adds or removes a player to your plot as a "trusted user."
    • WorldEdit may be used on Creative

    Basic Commands: Minigames

    • /warp mglobby - Takes you to the hub of Minigames.
      • /warp temphub - Takes you to the current temporary hub of Minigames, as the main hub is in development.
    • /warp ctf - Takes you to the CTF lobby.
    • /warp spleef - Takes you to the Spleef lobby.
    • /ctf join [arena] - Joins a CTF game.
    • /ctf leave - Leaves a CTF game.
    • /spleef join spleef[#] - Joins a Spleef game.
    • /spleef leave - Leaves a Spleef game.

    Basic Commands: Survival Games

    • /sg spectate [arena #] - Allows you to spectate an ongoing SG game.
    • /sg list - Lists all the players in your current game.
    • /sg lq - Leaves a queue if you are in one.
    • /sg join - Return to the lobby.
    • /sg leave - Leaves a game if you are in one or if you are spectating.
    • /sg vote - Votes to start a game.

    Basic Commands: SkyWars

    • /sw - Views all commands for SkyWars.
    • /sw join - Joins the queue for the next game.
    • /sw leave - Leaves the queue for the next game or the game if you are in one.
    • /sw lobby - Takes you to the lobby.