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Mall Shops

Feb 7, 2015
Mall Shops
    • Aside from the market, items can be bought (and possibly sold) in shops within the mall. The purchase price for shops is as follows:
      • First (Ground) level: D30,000
      • Second level: D20,000
      • Third level: D10,000

      All shops are subject to a D100 daily tax & 5% sales tax.

      Every shop has a sign on its front wall that displays either the shop price or current owner. To buy an unowned shop, stand within it and do//rg buy.


      To create a chestshop, place a sign on or over a chest with the following format:
      • 1st line: blank (will be filled in by the plugin)
      • 2nd line: quantity
      • 3rd line: B <sell price> : S <buy price> (either one or both may be specified, separated by a colon)
      • 4th line: item name or id with optional data value (will be adjusted by the plugin)