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Jul 6, 2017
  • DigitalForge offers various perks as a means to cover server costs. Some perks are purely cosmetic and may be unlocked individually, while others require Credits and are then unlocked for everyone for a limited amount of time. These perks range from being able to catch mobs, to Pets, Ranks, and more.

    Credits are used to activate perks that apply to everyone for a limited time. See the Credits page for more details. The following perks require Credits:
    • Cauldrons
      • An alternate item crafting system that allows for creating otherwise un-craftable items or crafting more efficiently than an item's normal method. See the Cauldrons page for more details.
    • Compass Jump
      • Travel quickly around the map by left clicking with a compass.
    • Double Skill XP
      • All skills gain XP twice as fast as normal.
    • Mechanisms
      • Create bridges, gates, lifts, & more. See the Mechanisms page for more details.
    • Mob Catcher
      • Catch mobs (turn them into spawn eggs) using snowballs.

    Dynmap Toggle
    Become invisible on the live map! This perk grants access to the following commands:
    • /dynmap hide
    • /dynmap show
    Note: you will have to re-hide every login. (Including server switches.)

    Shoot a random firework using /fw. This command has a cool down of 5 seconds.

    Mob Disguises
    Disguise yourself as a mob! Your cover will be blown should anyone interact with you. Each disguise includes any subtypes. See the Mob Disguises page for more details.

    Spawn in your very own pet mobs that follow you around the server! Each mob includes any subtypes. See the Pets page for more details.

    Bypass the in game requirements and instantly rank up. Ranks Apprentice to Veteran may be purchased directly. Note: you will still need the full requirements for the next rank before being able to rank up again. See the Ranks page for the perks & requirements for each rank.