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Jul 23, 2017
    • DigitalForge is a large community with a diverse player base. Use common sense. Be mature, respectful, and responsible at all times whether on the forums, in game, on TeamSpeak, or any other DigitalForge service. Basically, treat others how you would want to be treated.
    • Always obey staff requests.
    • Interfering with a staff members’ duties is not allowed. All staff members at DigitalForge are volunteers. They want to ensure the rules are upheld and everyone has a good time.
    • No trolling or behavior that incites drama/makes a scene. No one likes drama. Any attempts to “bend” or circumvent these rules will also constitute trolling. Trolling a staff member is not advised, it will probably result in a warning or ban especially if you're trolling for personal benefit.
    • Harassment of any form will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Harassment is defined as any activity that results in another player feeling threatened or otherwise ruins their gameplay experience.


    • Excessive use of capitalization and spamming is not allowed. Acronyms may be capitalized where appropriate. Spam is defined as random or repetitive letters, numbers, and/or symbols used with little to no context.

    • Inappropriate and vulgar language is not allowed. Nor does a specific term not being filtered mean it is acceptable to say. Excessive swearing, racism, or language directed at another player will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    • Avoid conversation topics of a sensitive nature. This includes but isn’t limited to discussions involving politics, religion, sexuality, or things of questionable legality. Discussions of this nature may occur in non-public chats.

    • Use English in all moderated forms of communication. This includes the forums, TeamSpeak, and public chat channels in game (namely global & server chats). Forum conversations, party chats, private messages, and faction/town/nation chats do not require English be used.

    • Don’t beg for things from players or staff. This includes (but isn’t limited to) digits, items, and permissions.



    • Account sharing is not allowed. It is assumed that every account will be used by only one person on the server.
      • This also applies if you are banned on an account and come back to the server on an alternative account.

    • Griefing is not allowed. Griefing is defined as placing or destroying blocks or entities that do not belong to you. The punishment for griefing varies on the number and types of blocks involved. Building homes near or in another players' property is also illegal; you will be warned and given a week to move out. Griefing to enter an otherwise inaccessible base to steal from chests is very illegal. Each item you take counts as 1 block grief.

    • Hacked clients and mods that unfairly alter gameplay for any combat, or financial gain is not allowed. This includes x-ray, x-ray texture packs, or any PVP hacking mods or clients. This is categorized under Exploits. Automatic farms, mob farms and playtime grinders also fall under this category.

    • No indecent skins or usernames. Staff have final say as to whether a skin or username is indecent. However, skins depicting nudity and usernames containing vulgar language will always be considered indecent. Any player found to have an indecent skin must change it before logging back onto the server.

    • No locking another player’s blocks without their permission.

    • Illegal set-home distance from one players base is to be 200 blocks. THIS ALSO APPLIES WITH TELEPORTER SIGNS.

    • No abusing of Compass Jump perk. You can CJ only if you can enderpearl (using only 1) on block. CJ inside someone's house/base if it has no holes to enderpearl in is illegal. Compass Jumping on sky islands if it's not possible to enderpearl on it is illegal.

    • No abuse of the /back command. Abuse of this command is defined as using /back to return to a location after PvP.
    • If you are an owner of a Town and want to enable PvP, it must stay active for 30 minutes before you can disable it. Failure to obey this rule will result in a ban.

    Factions, Towns, & Nations

    • Faction leaders, town mayors, and nation kings/queens (“leaders”) may create their own rules or laws that apply within their territories so long as said rules or laws do not conflict with server rules. FOR EXAMPLE: Turning town PvP on, killing a player, then turning it off, could constitute Harassment, or Exploits, depending on the notified staff's ruling and the individual scenario.

    • Leaders hold positions of power over their residents, as such, scamming or taking advantage of residents in any way is not allowed. Residents must be given eviction notices not sooner than 7 days before eviction so as to allow them to remove their possessions. Advance notice need not be given in cases where the resident was banned as a result of a grief of the faction/town, breach of agreed upon rules (proof of agreement required), or their ban exceeds 7 days.

    • Land may not be claimed in areas already occupied by players without their permission. Failure to obtain permission will result in land being forcibly unclaimed without refund. Though, the original owner is no longer granted owner. The town mayor is the literal owner of the said land claimed. Any agreement can be taken advantage of using this rule. FOR EXAMPLE: Land owner gives a town permission to claim the area but only if the town mayor returns the area to the original owner whenever they say to. Town agrees, permission granted, and the area claimed. The original owner no longer has any permission to any of the land unless otherwise stated by the mayor. They are not obligated to delete town spawn or outpost on command.

    • Factions, Towns, and nations may be transferred to another player without the approval of the current leader under certain circumstances. Should multiple players request transfer, preference will be given to those with a higher rank in the faction, town, or nation. Factions, Towns, & nations will only be transferrable if either of the following apply: the current leader has been offline for a minimum of 2 months without providing a reason for being so/ETA for return or the current leader is permanently banned with no chance of appeal. Upon transfer the former leader loses all claim to the faction, town, or nation.



    • Post your thread in the appropriate forum topic. (Appeals in the appeals section, Suggestions in the Suggestions section.)


    • If you wish to appeal your ban or request a ban in game, please use the correct format for the appropriate ban section. (Appeal format for an appeal, Request format for a request.)

    • Do not post in another players ban appeal. If you are arguing or are not contributing anything to the player's ban, don't post or you will be forum warned. If you are trying to be helpful or supportive, we appreciate it, but we'll ask you not to do it again.

    • Ban appeals are to be used if you believe there was a mistake in your ban and wish to unbanned. Or, if you know you did something wrong, ask for a reduction.

    • If you post a ban appeal and it is denied or reduced, do NOT post another appeal. It will be deleted and you will receive a forum warn, then a ban.